Steven22xy4 – A new blog

THis is my new blog, here i will blog about everything and anything. Just a blog, and i can do wahtever i want with it!


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What did the elephant say to the naked man?

What did the elephant say to the naked man? “That’s cute but can you eat peanuts with it”??

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Steve22xy4 – Mac Vlog

Very first time in iMovie and iSight. Came out pretty good, everything went good and quick and there were no problems uplaoding. The video came out just the way i wanted it to. Watch it here!

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Steven22xy4 – MAC

Mac rules, and guess what. I just got a new macbook pro. It is awesome! 4 gb of ram, and a 2.5 gh processor. This thing is awesome. its fast and it runs the best operating system ever. I am loving this computer. I also got the mighty mouse, because it is so awesome. The keyboard on the macbook pro is awesome though, best keyboard i have ever used!

If you dont have a mac then you need to throw away your windows computer and go to the apple store!

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Steven22xy4 – Epic aggressive(friendly) battle

Me and another youtuber are having a bitter battle on the comments in one video. But behind the battlescene, we are messaging eachother on youtube, being freindly. Ain’t it funny?

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Steven22xy4 – new AmorderTv

Episode 3 is scheduled for wednesday, this week. It will be uploaded hopefully by 6 pm eastern time, if all goes smoothly.

I am starting the topics list now, and by then i should have a good list.

I plan to make this episode more exciting than the past two. They were a bit dull and low key, this will hopefully be up beat and out there. By that i mean louder and more energy, i think it is a better way to have a show. I will probably have up to 3 Vlogs this week, and maybe a short film.

I really plan to crank out the videos in the near future. so make sure you are subscribed

send ideas to

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Steven22xy4 – Almost

I almost switched to webs hosting agian. But i am going to stick with wordpress because besides the stupid object tags problem they have been good to me.

Hopefully they fix that soon though

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